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About Me

About Me

Welcome to Bakes by Jas! If you're looking for some sweet treats, you've come to the right place...

I'm Jas and I started Bakes by Jas early 2020. I'm a self-taught baker and chocolate enthusiast. I've baked cupcakes, celebration cakes, cookies to brownies and through my Instagram page found out just how popular my brownies and cookies were! 

I have always baked from a young age and then started to do it more frequently after my children, making all kinds of bakes and cakes for family and friends.. Everyone who had a slice encouraged me to sell my bakes and start an Instagram - so Bakes by Jas was born!

From my home kitchen, I decided to set up my own business. Everything is homemade, baked from scratch in small batches, fresh and ready to post, with all recipes having been developed by myself over many months. Friends and family have been filled with endless testers until I got the perfect bite.

We are not limited by location, and neither should you! Our yummy blondies, brownies and cookies are available online! I began to realise that a lot of people who would like to try my bakes are not located close by. Now you can all get a taste of my fudgey chocolate treats and have them posted straight to your door.

What’s next for Bakes by Jas? Let's find out!

Thanks so much for all of your support!

Jas x